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Value Blind & Heirloom Draperies
Value Blind & Heirloom Draperies


Don’t you love hidden pantries?😍

Looking for a bathroom refresh?
From kitchen to bath remodels, to additions and custom homes, we've got you covered!
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We all agree that there is no achievement that is possible without persistent work .
Today is a special day that we are celebrating our efforts and the contribution to building a nation.

Happy Labor Day!
-MAC Design & Build
MAC Kitchen Plus ✨👌🏼
-Customer Testimony

Toe Kick Lighting for a Contemporary Kitchen Update✨👌🏼
Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the exquisite care of execution✨👌🏼
MAC'S Pop top Addition✨👌🏼
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We are so proud to show you one of our beautiful ✨👌🏼
MAC Kitchen Plus❤️
📲 Call us at (703) 852-8825 if you'd like to renovate your kitchen!
Kitchen Tips:
Give yout brom a nice place to rest - Utility cabinet ✨👌🏼
Beautiful modern Master bath remodel✨👌🏼
Blue Herringbone as an accent wall with a wood niche to make the room more cozzy .
Wine Cellar Inspiration ✨👌🏼
Combining traditional and modern style.
Details ✨👌🏼
Take a look at our beautiful kitchen design with a touch of color and patterns. So bright ! ✨✨👌🏼

📲 Call us at (703) 852-8825 if you'd like some help in your kitchen!
Laundry room inspo ❤️
Beautiful laundry room with dark grey cabinet and brass hardware , we love it!
MAC project ❤️
Finish Attic
+Liveable space
Stuning ceiling treatment ❤️

Providing award-winning, full-service design & construction/remodeling services for Northern Virgini

Operating as usual


One of the coolest and most exciting projects we did in Leesburg!
The addition of a kitchen with an island for gathering and a bar area with specific features like built-in appliances, a pot filler, a beverage cooler, and a beer dispenser indicates a focus on convenience, entertainment, and a modern lifestyle. Let's break down some of the features:

Rear Bump Addition: Adding a rear bump to accommodate the new kitchen and bar area is a great way to expand the living space and create a dedicated cooking, socializing, and entertaining area.

Kitchen Island: Including a kitchen island provides extra countertop space for meal preparation, serving, and gathering. It's a popular feature in modern kitchens and serves as a focal point for social interactions.

Built-in Appliances: Built-in appliances give the kitchen a sleek and streamlined appearance. These appliances are integrated seamlessly into the cabinetry, creating a cohesive and efficient cooking space.

Pot Filler: A pot filler is a convenient feature near the stove. It eliminates the need to carry heavy pots filled with water from the sink to the stove. This can be particularly helpful when cooking large meals.

Beverage Cooler: Having a beverage cooler in the bar area allows for easy access to cold drinks without needing to open the main refrigerator. It's a fantastic addition for entertaining guests and keeping beverages at the right temperature.

Beer Dispenser: The beer dispenser is a unique and fun feature for a bar area. It adds an element of novelty and is sure to be a hit at gatherings or parties, providing guests with a self-serve option for enjoying their favorite beverages.

Entertainment and Social Space: With the kitchen island and bar area, the design seems focused on creating a space where people can gather, socialize, and enjoy each other's company. This aligns well with contemporary trends that emphasize open-concept layouts and multifunctional spaces.

Modern Convenience: The combination of built-in appliances, pot filler, beverage cooler, and beer dispenser reflects a commitment to modern convenience and ease of use, making cooking, entertaining, and enjoying drinks hassle-free.

Overall, this project was a perfect blend of practicality and entertainment. It's a wonderful example of how thoughtful design and innovative features can enhance the functionality and enjoyment of living space.

Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825✨
Video Nova Soul Imagery Real Estate & Commercial Photography


Get ready to be amazed by our MAC project addition! We've worked our magic by adding extra space at the back to create a cool open-concept kitchen. Our clients wanted a spot where everyone could hang out together, and we made it happen.

But here's the really cool part: we put in this awesome window system on the left side. It lets sunlight pour in and gives them the choice to blend the inside with the outside. You're in for a treat as you see how we've turned this MAC project into something truly special!

Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825✨

Video Nova Soul Imagery Real Estate & Commercial Photography
Cabinetry Kith Kitchens
Countertop Euro Stone Craft


Happy Fourth of July! On this day, as we honor our soldiers and freedom fighters, let us use it as a reminder to treat one another with loyalty and respect and to work each day to be the best citizens we can be for our country.✨

-MAC Design & Build


Wishing you a wonderful time with your family as you celebrate Father’s Day. We’d like to wish all of our professional partners a happy Father’s Day.
Mac Design and Build😍

Photos from MAC design + build's post 06/14/2023

Our beautiful Master Bath Remodel! 🌸💯
Kith Cabinetry -Maple Vintage
Door Style - Cottage
Pottery Barn - Wall sconces & Mirrors
Plumbing - Hansgrohe
Mosaic Tile - Calacatta Centennial BuildwithFerguson-top k***s PrimeStone-Countertop. ProPhotos- Nova Soul Imagery Real Estate & Commercial Photography

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MAC design + build Providing award-winning, full-service design & construction/remodeling services for Northern Virginia homeowners who value Creativity and Craftsmanship. Our projects include renovating Grand Kitchens & Baths, Building Complex Additions & Custom Homes.


Arlington kitchen addition✨
Our beautiful Boho-Farmhouse kitchen is coming soon!!


Wellness Design ✨
Leading Trend for this year,2023.
There is a growing preference for design that elevates one’s health and mental wellbeing, especially as more uncertainty mounts from outside influences. Therefore, it is apparent that our internal environment must help stimulate a sense of calm, with a balanced mix of colors, materials, and textures that often reflect nature and provide a feeling of serenity. This trend toward wellness is becoming favored in primary bathroom design as well as in hospitality wellness getaways as both look to provide spa-like sanctuaries that set the tone for retreat and self-care, whether it be at home or away. Decorative stones such as onyx, known for their healing qualities, along with travertine, limewash, and patina finishes will be popular surfaces in this category as they help create soothing and comforting environments.


MAC Design and Build Process
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MAC Custom Bar✨
The remodel of the basement consisted in designing a beautiful traditional custom bar.
There were many complexities to this project that MAC took into account during the design process.
We added a custom bar with 5 appliances, display wall cabinets with LED light, and a mirror backsplash that gives the illusion that the room is bigger.

It is just amazing 😍
Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825 ✨


White kitchen with a beautiful accent wood hood and beams.😍
Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825 ✨


The beauty of stairs. 😉


Take a look at our beautiful kitchen renovation✨
A light and bright perimeter with a midnight island workstation.😍

Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825 ✨


Wishing you a happy new year, full of opportunities, success, and prosperity.
-MAC Design + Build


Christmas is a time for family, food and fellowship.
Wishing you nothing but the best that the season has to Offer.
-Mac Design and Build


Recommended pendant light height over an island

Your pendant lights need to be 30 to 36 inches from the base of the light to the countertop. You don’t want to go any lower than this, as you’ll find that you’re going to be bobbing your head up and down trying to make eye contact with your friends or family.

You also don’t want the pendants to be higher than this as your lights will look completely disconnected from your island and you want to create that cohesion between your pendant lights and your island.😍

Additionally, regardless of how tall your ceilings are, the base of your pendant light should be no higher than 72 inches from the floor.

Essentially, you want to make sure your pendant lights are not too far off the ground–you want to make a statement, not have them get lost in your tall ceiling.


Happy Friday!

Color Trends: Navy Blue continues as a leading color trend for Interior Designs.

One of the reasons this color will stand the test of time is that it works so well with popular neutral color schemes of gray, white, taupe, or beige. It can work well with traditional-inspired interiors, as well as transitional and modern styles.


Bold Wall Design for your Dining Room
Inspiration 😍


Kitchen Inspiration😍


Modern Classic Bathroom
Looking for a bathroom refresh?
From kitchen and bath remodels, to additions and custom homes, we've got you covered!
Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825 ✨


Mac's Main Level Remodel✨

-Customer Testimony


MAC's Home Full Renovation✨
1282 Auburn Grove Lane, Reston
Has been featured as one of the most stunning houses in Reston.😍
Come and see us TODAY!
📍 Reston Museum 10am to 5pm

Get your ticket know !!


MAC Custom Farmhouse- Family Room✨


How to achieve the look of timeless design?

Have you ever picked up a magazine from another era and thought that you could be looking at something from today?
Why do some homes look dated and tired while others always look fresh and current?
Most importantly, how can you create your home so that it doesn’t appear to be passed in the next couple of years?

Timeless design – or anything timeless for that matter – has staying power. It was not created to be temporary. It was never anything considered to be a fad or a trend. Suppose you want your home to have that timeless look, one that is as fresh and relevant today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. In that case, you’ll want to seek out designs, styles, and colors that are considered to be “classic,” that have been created to last, in style, color, and materials were meant to last.


Ceiling designs are usually the last thing we think of when decorating our homes, but it can give a room a unique character that no amount of art or furniture can do.

The best part about a great ceiling design that draws the eye, is that you don’t have to completely remodel your house to achieve your desired look.


Modern kitchen
Clean lines 😍


Doggie Station😍
Having a built-in dog wash station creates a designated dog area, a spot where all their toys, treats, shampoos, leashes, and other things can be stored together, keeping life more organized.


Warm, modern, aesthetic kitchen design.😍
Rustic white oak matching hemlock on the ceilings with unique statement light fixtures are the key feature of the desing.

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

Moodboard inspiration✨
Trend 2022

Timeline photos 09/28/2022

Master bath Inspiration✨
Looking for a bathroom refresh?
From kitchen and bath remodels, to additions and custom homes, we've got you covered!
Give us a call to get the fun started! (703) 852-8825 ✨





Timeline photos 09/16/2022

Don’t you love hidden pantries?😍

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About Us

MAC design + build is a full-service design/build firm specializing in residential remodeling and custom homebuilding for homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. Our remodeling specialties include design and build-out for kitchens, bathrooms, additions, patios and decks, and custom homebuilding.

We are passionate about helping clients create a beautiful and functional home, and are expert at identifying client needs, designing their vision and managing construction. Our goal is to deliver your vision and style on time and within or under budget.

The entire MAC design + build team prides itself on doing things right. We listen closely to what you envision, and pay as much attention to your budget as we do your aesthetic ideals. Clients appreciate our upfront and transparent pricing structures.

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COME SEE US !!SEPTEMBER 23-25📍DULLES EXPO CENTER ✨✨ #MACDesignandBuildinspiration
We all agree that there is no achievement that is possible without persistent work .Today is a special day that we are c...
MAC Kitchen Plus ✨👌🏼-Customer Testimony#MACDesignandBuildinspiration
Details Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the exquisite care of execution✨👌🏼#MACDesignandBuildinspiratio...
MAC'S Pop top Addition✨👌🏼📲 Call us at (703) 852-8825 #MACDesignandBuildinspiration
We are so proud to show you one of our beautiful ✨👌🏼MAC Kitchen Plus❤️📲 Call us at (703) 852-8825 if you'd like to renov...
Details ✨👌🏼#MACDesignandBuildinspiration
MAC project ❤️Finish Attic +Liveable space#MACDesignandBuildinspiration
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Choosing the right window will determine the style of your house/space.✨#MACDesignandBuildinspiration




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